Since 1909, Broadview Academy has been an organization designed for high school students from the state of Illinois, and the around the world. This year, we continue to advance the innovative and exciting program that has made such a significnt impact in our students' lives.

We have a program that helps students to integrate the subjects into a project-based approach. We use more real-life activities, small group projects, and business class technology to help our students achieve a lasting education. With an outstanding international faculty and a dedicated staff we have launched into a vibrant program that is designed to bring the students to a deeper understanding of the world around them and more importantly, a closer, personal walk with Jesus Christ.

If you are a parent, student, or one of our many alumni, please join us in our pursuit of...


C entered in Christ
A ctive and healthy
R eady for life
E ngaged in learning
S ocially responsible

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